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Assembling - Teching I4 4-Cylinder Car Engine Model Full Metal

Assembling - Teching I4 4-Cylinder Engine Model Full Metal Model Collection
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- V4 4-Cylinder Car Engine:
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    Arabic100 عبودي للاختراع

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    subhankar dhali

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    Very nice #glasstech

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    S.M.S.Shahriar Nayeem

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  5. Saad Nisar

    Saad Nisar

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    Total waste of time and money!

  6. Sr Lalruatdika

    Sr Lalruatdika

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    I thought this was going vroom 😆

    • Kenneth Rosenstroem

      Kenneth Rosenstroem

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      No, only going Bzzzzzzzzz

  7. Wicem ABID SAFER

    Wicem ABID SAFER

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    Soooo expensive! 440usd



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    wtf! its just a model one works on electricity....I expected petrol or something....

  10. Balasaheb Gir

    Balasaheb Gir

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    Like it bro 😄😄😄

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    Very slow

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    Elektronik Atölyem

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    Anita Das

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    d Quin

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  21. Вадим Марьясов

    Вадим Марьясов

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  26. Troy Croft

    Troy Croft

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    Could get a real 4 cylinder for the cost ;)

  27. Suraj Maharana

    Suraj Maharana

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    Hello Sir, when a hub motor is running in free, then how to turn the battery on its current please make a video

  28. Gislene Tavares

    Gislene Tavares

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    Mas quis vídeos desse esse vídeo está muito chato você tem que pôr de abrir no motor de carro de verdade isso daí todo mundo já viu na internet porque toda hora passa Então para de postar essas bosta para ninguém assistir tá

  29. Arts and crafts TV

    Arts and crafts TV

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  30. Senzo


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    considering the price, you might as well buy a real motor at the scrapyard.

  31. Alessandro Pezzella

    Alessandro Pezzella

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    Wow 🤩

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  33. sinformant


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    Weird it has 8 exhaust primaries....I get that it has dual exhaust valves per cylinder, but usually they connect together as one port in the cylinder head.



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    Make are mini car from this engine

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    MED MS

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    SolarAddict tv

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    Thats a very cool looking engine...

  40. sylvain ponchelet

    sylvain ponchelet

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  41. Alfaboy33907


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    Better buy a real engine from a car for the price over 400usd

  42. FloStar3000


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    I love it! But there is no way I’m paying >400 USD for it. Sorry. For this price, it should be an actually working and combusting engine

    • Vhenzel Capute

      Vhenzel Capute

      28 giorni fa

      If you want a miniature combustion engine.Visit conley stinger's shop.You would find a 100 cc v8 engine

    • david lewis

      david lewis

      4 mesi fa

      I agree totally !!! No spark, no gas, no cooling (water ) - not completely accurate !! Although it did have a little lubrication !

  43. Mehmet ali Şenol

    Mehmet ali Şenol

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    Infinite warrior

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    Infinite warrior

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    Durgesh soni

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    رائد سالم

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  53. Sufiyan Tamilan

    Sufiyan Tamilan

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    Make car with this engine

    • sinformant


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      It doesnt function

  54. Vijay Tadphale

    Vijay Tadphale

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  55. 98 Chevy Silverado OBS

    98 Chevy Silverado OBS

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    Horrible why couldn’t it be a gas engined

  56. Vishal singh

    Vishal singh

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  57. Ramesh Chaudhary

    Ramesh Chaudhary

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  58. Brilliant ideas

    Brilliant ideas

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    Where do you buy this all parts that you use on your channel ❓

    • Brilliant ideas

      Brilliant ideas

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      @sinformant I mean for go karts engines and other parts

    • sinformant


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      The link is in the description

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    Lego Technic Embodiment

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      Lego BrickHeadz Embodiment

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  62. flok


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    Can you switch to petrol engine with this?

  63. Allah is One god

    Allah is One god

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  64. amilcar moncada

    amilcar moncada

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    Amigo excelente montaje de este modelo de motor en metal el Teching I4 4-Cylinder Car, mis respetos y saludos desde Venezuela.

  65. Shahid Shah

    Shahid Shah

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    Hello sir I am biggest fan of you from india sir I request please make human flying dron from motor or engine

  66. Nikhil Chandra

    Nikhil Chandra

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  68. Peter Tucker

    Peter Tucker

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    Brilliant model but just imagine if it were real, what a wonderful small engine it would be.

  69. Warne


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    Fantástico! 👏👏👏

    • Tio Cy

      Tio Cy

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  70. Crazy experiment

    Crazy experiment

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    Very very nice

  71. Jvan Khasho77

    Jvan Khasho77

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  72. Ranjith Jay

    Ranjith Jay

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    Original Test Channel

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    I4 not V4 😡

  75. Muhammad Al Faza'

    Muhammad Al Faza'

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    what is the function for?

    • Miguel A.

      Miguel A.

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      Learn how it works

  76. Legend 0.00

    Legend 0.00

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  78. Struggling Parodox

    Struggling Parodox

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    That's a really cool model. Very in-depth.

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    Mehmet Ali Erdem

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  85. Masum Dhali

    Masum Dhali

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    Brother make a car with v4 4-cylinder car engine

  86. RAJ ROY


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    Nice bro

  87. Mario Ramirez

    Mario Ramirez

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    Nice little engine but 500 dollars he’ll no I could buy a car with broken engine for cheaper and fix it lol

    • MGT Customs

      MGT Customs

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      for less you could buy a real working engine xD

    • whip lash

      whip lash

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      You change the bugatti engine in a g4 engine lol

  88. My name is youtuber

    My name is youtuber

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    Sir please make electric bike

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      Struggling Parodox

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    Mehmet can Gök

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    Teja teja

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    Egy Candra Channel Fun Video

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    Game X

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