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Build a 3000W Electric Go Kart at Home - v4 - Part 1

How to Build a 3000W Electric Go Kart at Home - v4 - Part 1
- In this video, i will build a Electric Go Kart with 60v 3000W Reducer Brushless Motor
- Part 2 you can see here :
- Thanks for watching, Have a great day !


  1. Creative Channel

    Creative Channel

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    Hi friend, Part 2 you can see here, thank you very much :



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      Bro your Instagram I'd??

    • Brad Rose

      Brad Rose

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      I want one, how much

    • Jassimran Singh Banwait

      Jassimran Singh Banwait

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      Parts buy link

  2. ItsAriel YT

    ItsAriel YT

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    love this guy

  3. Reynaldo Jiménez

    Reynaldo Jiménez

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    very good video but should leave measurements

  4. MeyMoto


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    Is that galvanized metal you’re welding?

  5. Topsiekku


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    The control arms are at the wrong angle. They should both point to the center of the rear axle. Now when turning the front tires slip. Åckermans angle. The control arms must never be at a 90 degree angle. That control also doesn't center automatically because it lacks a caster angle and a kpi angle. Invest in these things in your next project so your cars are more comfortable to drive.

  6. Topsiekku


    3 giorni fa

    have you built the pipe bender yourself?

  7. Topsiekku


    3 giorni fa

    Have you decided to stay with heavy lead-acid batteries?

  8. Alireza Niknezhad

    Alireza Niknezhad

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    آفرین مهندس

  9. Mar Mar

    Mar Mar

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    if i aive u all my parts can u build me full go kart with a 80 cc 2 stroke machine and ship it for me? if a pay u and all??

  10. Zua Zulaikha

    Zua Zulaikha

    11 giorni fa

    What i can buy part electric go kart? I'm from Indonesia 🇮🇩

  11. Filippao Ronto

    Filippao Ronto

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    Mad respect lah!

  12. Diego Yupanqui

    Diego Yupanqui

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    No entiendo pero messirve

  13. Francesco Barone

    Francesco Barone

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    very good

  14. Francesco Barone

    Francesco Barone

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    the music in the background at 26:00 whose is it?

  15. Jairo Rodrigues de Lima

    Jairo Rodrigues de Lima

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    Gostaria de saber se tem as medidas certas para manda pra nois pois eu não entendi muito não falo sua linguagem me desculpe. Abraço sou Jairo do Brasil

  16. The Legend

    The Legend

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    how much is it to buy one you have made

  17. Rohit k

    Rohit k

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    Can we get the design of chassis?

  18. Terrence Prescod

    Terrence Prescod

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    This is great i like it



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    Your verry smart sir.. Shout out to you from Philippines.. Are u a Chinese?

    • joshua kotei

      joshua kotei

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      He's probably vietnamese

  20. Vitor Gabriel Guilherme de Jesus

    Vitor Gabriel Guilherme de Jesus

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    Algum brasileiro

  21. بياض الثلج

    بياض الثلج

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    تحيه لكم انه من العراق 🇮🇶

  22. Hänsel Drönjak

    Hänsel Drönjak

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    It is a pleasure to hear his voice after so many videos, the only thing I always disagree with is what measurements you use since I always saw the cuts the joints but I never knew exactly what measurements you use for projects

  23. amigos tigre

    amigos tigre

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    Oi eu sou do Brasil

  24. Rojohn Yethman

    Rojohn Yethman

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    i do not have a wheel and moter

  25. Malo Renahy

    Malo Renahy

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    Hey anyone where I can find the electric motor ?

  26. D truthing

    D truthing

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    It takes me a week to measure and Mark all this. This guy eyeballs stuff like superman.

  27. Sagnik 123

    Sagnik 123

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    Can you give the link or name of the parts that you used. Please

  28. joel castro

    joel castro

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    So how does the read wheel attach to axel to keep them from spinning

  29. SYED RAAHIL tms


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    can you pls tell the mesrement off this

  30. Danilo August

    Danilo August

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    Consegue me mandar as medidas do projeto ? Brazil

  31. Somebody's Thunder

    Somebody's Thunder

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    If by "home" you mean the place you have a 1 ton sheet metal cutter, a pipe-bending machine, basically an entire metal working shop, and enough spares to build almost any wheeled vehicle on the planet without going outside.

  32. AWOL FPV


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    All this gear and no weld table or elevated work bench ???? Nonsense

  33. RokaryoS


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    quanto você cobra pra fazer um deste para mim e enviar para o brasil so que com rodas de bicicleta aro 20. sem o motor e baterias

  34. RokaryoS


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    muito bom

  35. Trabelsi Mohamed

    Trabelsi Mohamed

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    The dimensions of Go-kart please and thank you

  36. User Slim

    User Slim

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    What motor you used ? How much voltaje

  37. Fedor Chedd

    Fedor Chedd

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    Здесь есть Русские?

  38. Bhaskar Vankala

    Bhaskar Vankala

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    What is that bearing part called which you used for joining the front and rear frame so that the rear frame could be movable in up down in 7:34



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  40. EnduroCross Predator

    EnduroCross Predator

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    Amazing video, keep up the good work!

  41. redo arman

    redo arman

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    yang bikin saya kagum itu.. kok alat nya lengkap semua.. bor tangan, bor duduk, gerinda, mesin las.. mesin potong, mesin pres, alat bengkok pipa, alat ini, alat itu. dll... semua ada,,, salut lah pokok nya😂😂

  42. D Kitel

    D Kitel

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    i like you videos werry much....they are the best on you tube....wish you good luck

  43. Дианна Калдарбек

    Дианна Калдарбек

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  44. Elvin Silva

    Elvin Silva

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    Can I get the list of all parts please?

  45. Manisha Yamgar

    Manisha Yamgar

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    How many price of moter

  46. Stephen Fralick

    Stephen Fralick

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    Love your work and designs. looking to find a mobility / trail cart. 1) Do you build carts for sale? 2) what country are you in?

  47. Tunahan Kanmaz

    Tunahan Kanmaz

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    Merhaba nasılsınız iyi iş

  48. خذ الأصيلة ونام على الحصيرة

    خذ الأصيلة ونام على الحصيرة

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    Oh my God, you have everything in your garage Bravo master



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    I swear this dude lives at harbor freight tools shop

  50. Jamil Sabbatt

    Jamil Sabbatt

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    Major respect sir. I didn’t expect this.

  51. TheJademan85


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    Do a voice reveal at 5 millions subscribers! 😁 Or, as the "gang" says: keep up the good work! 😁

  52. Christhicrack


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    Ta chido el video Denle like al video para que el sigua creciendo

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    miron 41k

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    Молча , было лучше ...

  54. Aryan Singh

    Aryan Singh

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    Electric motorcycle! please

  55. Tom Roberts

    Tom Roberts

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    You do nice work; but if you talk, it would be nice if you put subtitles below in English.

  56. Samomajay Meetei

    Samomajay Meetei

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    Subtitles is there but please speak in English if you can???????

  57. Kohar Arakelian

    Kohar Arakelian

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    Hey beautiful , what electric engine did u use?

  58. Extreme GamerXT

    Extreme GamerXT

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    love your creation respect your hardwork

  59. Robert M

    Robert M

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    Where Is the damn part 2???!!!

  60. Miike Nuñez

    Miike Nuñez

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    Kim Chun chan

  61. Hendrik Hütt

    Hendrik Hütt

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    12:23 I just admire how confident this man is with his tools

  62. LIFe FLArE

    LIFe FLArE

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    where can i buy the tyire and rim

  63. Gamer 8x

    Gamer 8x

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    Make a rally car whit so mutch light bars so many as you got. Mayby you can doe that

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  65. Phivos


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    Part2 !,,!

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    Shane Abernathy

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    awesome, glad you started talking

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    Thien tai

  68. Gaurav Gaikwad

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    Sir When are you going to upload second part

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    Probably he is a machanical engennier

  70. Srinivas Pichakuntla

    Srinivas Pichakuntla

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    Do part 2

  71. Sandeep Rawani Official

    Sandeep Rawani Official

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    Using this motor make electronic bicycle

  72. Sandeep Rawani Official

    Sandeep Rawani Official

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    Your cutting calculations is wonderful

  73. Fastnet


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    I love your awesome work. I hope, i see moore of these Thinks :)

  74. Gene Nonya

    Gene Nonya

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    Another guy from the United States??????

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    гараж простого китайца



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    hey can u make a electric car

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    hi man...when part 2 ??

  78. Extreme atv offroad

    Extreme atv offroad

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    aku suka channel ini

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    Wahhh now have the English subtitle

  82. Ricardo Valenzuela

    Ricardo Valenzuela

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    I need your help in building a go cart

  83. Castillo Garcia Angel

    Castillo Garcia Angel

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    primera vez que lo oigo hablar saludos de mexico

  84. Muhammed Yusuf Eroğlu

    Muhammed Yusuf Eroğlu

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    Oh yes LETS GO parts 2

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    Евгений Трофимов

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    Сколько будет стоить $?

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    Do you know where to buy same parts as in the video?

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    Amazing building

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    Amazing work 💪love all your footage!!

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    Parte 2. Aguardo

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    hi what type welder are you using thanks



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