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How To Make RC Bait Boat using Twin 775 Motor - Full Metal

In this video, i will Make a RC Bait Boat using Twin 775 Motor.
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Thanks for watching, Have a great day !
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    5 giorni fa

    I'm watching his channel from 2015👍

  2. Sunny Super

    Sunny Super

    6 giorni fa

    Very creative diy👍

  3. Sharvan Kanojiya

    Sharvan Kanojiya

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  4. सिद्धार्थ गजरमल

    सिद्धार्थ गजरमल

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  5. rajesh raju

    rajesh raju

    7 giorni fa

    Amazing work 👍👍

  6. George B

    George B

    10 giorni fa

    Can you tell us what was the total cost of materials please ?

  7. My_carp_life


    11 giorni fa

    Are them propshafts waterproof 💧



    11 giorni fa


  9. Dope Dope

    Dope Dope

    15 giorni fa

    100000000000 iq

  10. Muhammad Ahsan Ali Bhatti

    Muhammad Ahsan Ali Bhatti

    17 giorni fa

    Kindly send your WhatsApp contact number

  11. RS GÃMÊR


    17 giorni fa

    Love from india

  12. Dev Sky

    Dev Sky

    18 giorni fa

    #DevSky Thank you so much

  13. guwe dika

    guwe dika

    19 giorni fa

    Bang jual otter gk bang

  14. Monica Baja DeLuna

    Monica Baja DeLuna

    21 giorno fa

    Such a great idea i want it too .. inventing a mini boat .. but i dont have any materials to do an amazing boat like this .

  15. ANANTHAVALAVAN Ramalingam


    23 giorni fa

    bro rc boot give me

  16. Simon Ecleo

    Simon Ecleo

    24 giorni fa

    Can you make submarine or helicopter

  17. •Hacker• Mubin`

    •Hacker• Mubin`

    24 giorni fa

    How can I create this. I not have nessesary meterials what you have. Please make an easy thing what we generally have

  18. Ravindranath Yadav

    Ravindranath Yadav

    25 giorni fa

    Great man

  19. Diosdado Clores

    Diosdado Clores

    27 giorni fa

    Saan nakakabili ng motor na 775 dc

  20. Umar Farooq

    Umar Farooq

    27 giorni fa

    Plz mere pas remote kharedny ke paice nahi hy ap ke pas bohot hy ap ak mojy dy de

  21. VY Gaming

    VY Gaming

    28 giorni fa

    BG orang apa

  22. KING Merlin

    KING Merlin

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  23. Bao Chuẩn

    Bao Chuẩn

    29 giorni fa

    Ăn cắp clip ko ghi nguồn 🤨

  24. Ahmet Timurpo

    Ahmet Timurpo

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  25. Jeje Fajrul islam

    Jeje Fajrul islam

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    Chanda Sahu

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    Wow. Dood

  27. حسن الموسوي

    حسن الموسوي

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    SpotOn Cam

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    DZ - About technique

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  30. Mehmet Taşkın

    Mehmet Taşkın

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    You can build a tank beatiful....

  31. mahyuki yukiee

    mahyuki yukiee

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    Fish=What is that thing? The boat that feeds us? Where is our owner?

  32. Мансур Аллероев

    Мансур Аллероев

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    Да ну нахуй, лучше с берега метать, дешевле и интересней.

  33. syco** tech,**

    syco** tech,**

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    Chuttiya sala fuddu banda

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    Rinku kumar Roll no-6 class-x

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  35. Mahdi Moghadam

    Mahdi Moghadam

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  36. Your Favorite

    Your Favorite

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    Sir you are a genius

  37. Bill C

    Bill C

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    how big is it?

  38. Bill C

    Bill C

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    are plans available?

  39. อีสาน เขียว

    อีสาน เขียว

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    Make a Little Jade

  40. Nanda López

    Nanda López

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  41. Hanif Elektronik

    Hanif Elektronik

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  42. Neyon Prince

    Neyon Prince

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  43. Paul Lucas

    Paul Lucas

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  44. Abidul Hoque

    Abidul Hoque

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    Bro..plz build it bigger as it's part -2

  45. Jc. dot

    Jc. dot

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  46. Krishna Krishna

    Krishna Krishna

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    Where did you buy this propeller

  47. electro boy Romania

    electro boy Romania

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    Hello from Romania

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    JL's Maker Space

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    How to make fishing Boat

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    Elektronik Atölyem

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    Woow excellent

  50. Miha Golob

    Miha Golob

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    can you make electric unicycle?

  51. Easy One

    Easy One

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    Karan Kansana

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  53. Karan Kansana

    Karan Kansana

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    You are super and I am your fan

  54. Delta


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    that water cooling omg so cool

  55. محمد MAMADO 707

    محمد MAMADO 707

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    اول عربي

  56. Sanja Hrsto

    Sanja Hrsto

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    Do mini bager

  57. Krishna Khilar

    Krishna Khilar

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    You are genius



    Mese fa

    All thing is good but I think the steel streezing sound should be muted although camera is so good

  59. FIX DIY


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    Great creative channel ❤️❤️

  60. Ayush Rathi

    Ayush Rathi

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    How to make a mini tractor in Indian style please mike

  61. Biki Kanyani

    Biki Kanyani

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    Я обещал под каждым таким видео писать: "Сделай себе верстак!"

    • Илья Кузнечов

      Илья Кузнечов

      25 giorni fa

      жесть... всё на карачках всё на полу )))

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    Arockia Nishanth

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    Super 👍👍👍👍

  63. Abdullah


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    good 🇦🇪

  64. Abdul Rahoof

    Abdul Rahoof

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    Bro ആ മര കഷ്ണം screw ചെയ്തത് പാളി പോയി എന്ന് തോനുന്നു.. Screw കുറച്ചൂടെ മുകളിൽ വരണമായിരുന്നു...

    • Muhammad Basheer

      Muhammad Basheer

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      മലയാളി 😻

  65. B. Abhishek

    B. Abhishek

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    Bro Can you Make a ginger and garlic paste making machine

  66. Christhicrack


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    Mision passed respet

    • Christhicrack


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      Buen video

  67. Felix Ferreiro

    Felix Ferreiro

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    Alright , an rc boat to feed fishes nice, you getting better lol hehehe

  68. SolarAddict tv

    SolarAddict tv

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    Amazing build ...again as usual. 👍👍👍

  69. gajalakshmi yuvaraj

    gajalakshmi yuvaraj

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    Can make a car with clutch

  70. dp gamer

    dp gamer

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  71. Zulfadli Zul9021

    Zulfadli Zul9021

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    Fun fact : the biggest RC Boat in the world😄



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    How come I never uploaded a video



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  74. DAY Creative

    DAY Creative

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    I've loved your chanel for a long time

  75. M.V.


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    Bel lavoro, interessante per i pescatori. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻🇮🇹🖐️

  76. kempossible Privateinvestigator

    kempossible Privateinvestigator

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    You are so amazing! Your videos should be required in schools....inspiration😄



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    • RC4U 1980

      RC4U 1980

      6 giorni fa

      This is your idea inspiration. It's just a guy turning useless stuff into my useless stuff....

  77. Harry Conover

    Harry Conover

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    So watts the yellow stuff ?

  78. enderlaptop minecrafter3

    enderlaptop minecrafter3

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    5:30 what music is it by gunnar olsen?

  79. Javier's DIY

    Javier's DIY

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    Looks perfect

  80. john jkizer

    john jkizer

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    Great video and build but was this build intended to just bring bait or food to the middle of the lake, again it’s a nice rc boat but you could of just as easily thrown the bait in the middle of the lake. Thank you for the creative build and God Bless

  81. Soner Balıkta

    Soner Balıkta

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    Very nice....

  82. Abdullah Mubashir

    Abdullah Mubashir

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    Can you give the link for transmitter and receiver

  83. PRO DIY


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  84. Austin Davidson

    Austin Davidson

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    ماشاء الله

  85. romio lover

    romio lover

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    we missed those kind of projects using these DC motors :)

  86. Manzooe techno

    Manzooe techno

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    Mese fa

    amazing work!!

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    Nayem Islam

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    Nice work

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    Nayem Islam

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    jean francois Vandiest

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    Terrible my friend👌🙂 good job, very nice video👏👊👍

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    Hardware Boy

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    nice work

  92. Rajdeep R

    Rajdeep R

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    The boat drops something My work here is done..

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    Garip Satin

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    Daniela David

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    *_Best invented idea for the waste dumbing in the sea_*

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    Ms Robotricx

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    Super brother nothing to say about that creativity good job keep it up ❤

  96. Karlo Sigeti

    Karlo Sigeti

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    How much did it weight, and how thick sheet metal is?

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    Wiskoo Gamer

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    From Bangladesh

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    Arts and crafts TV

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    Arts and crafts TV

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