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How To Make a 3000W Electric Go Kart v4 - Part 2

How To Make a 3000W Electric Go Kart v4 - Part 2
- I am Using 60v 3000W Reducer Brushless Motor
- Part 1 you can see here :
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  1. Matthew Lloyd

    Matthew Lloyd

    2 giorni fa

    Is it possible to tell me the make of the motor and controller? I want to convert a boat to electric.

  2. Topsiekku


    3 giorni fa

    Put a smaller chain wheel in the back.

  3. Ilias Ilias

    Ilias Ilias

    5 giorni fa

    Hello I want to make one like this, what materials have you used?

  4. Ilias Ilias

    Ilias Ilias

    5 giorni fa


  5. Simon Солома

    Simon Солома

    7 giorni fa

    He speaks!

  6. punam soni

    punam soni

    7 giorni fa

    Build petrol gokart

  7. Prince Akilesh

    Prince Akilesh

    9 giorni fa

    Hey, I have been subscribed to your channel since 2019 maybe and yet, this is the first time; i heard your voice @ 0:23 Your projects are always awesome man. Good creativity. Wish you a lot of success for the future projects as well ! 😁👊

  8. Nicolas Gueinazzo

    Nicolas Gueinazzo

    10 giorni fa

    ahora sin una soldadora xd

  9. Har simar preet Singh

    Har simar preet Singh

    11 giorni fa

    You speak in hindi please

  10. Luciano Roman

    Luciano Roman

    11 giorni fa


  11. Lithula Yuwan

    Lithula Yuwan

    11 giorni fa

    hey what amazing i love it

  12. ريبو Repo

    ريبو Repo

    12 giorni fa

    اكو عرب لو ملتهين بوبجي ??

  13. ريبو Repo

    ريبو Repo

    12 giorni fa


  14. Rishi mandal

    Rishi mandal

    12 giorni fa

    Nice sir ♥️ my from india but i like you ♥️

  15. Αναστάσιος Παντοφλίδης

    Αναστάσιος Παντοφλίδης

    13 giorni fa

    will you give it away to one of your subscriber ?

  16. Roy Aguilar

    Roy Aguilar

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  17. Soltan Azimov

    Soltan Azimov

    15 giorni fa

    🇦🇿👍 super

  18. Carlo Fais

    Carlo Fais

    17 giorni fa

    Hi ! Great Job Man! is it built in aluminium or steel?

  19. Erzhan Video

    Erzhan Video

    17 giorni fa


  20. محمد حسین قاسمی نیا

    محمد حسین قاسمی نیا

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    20 giorni fa

    He build anything what he want because he have a lot of tools.. And very smart person.. More power to you sir.. Shout out from Philippines...

  22. Sahid Khan

    Sahid Khan

    22 giorni fa

    A car ke RS Kitna ha

  23. Bruno Carvalho

    Bruno Carvalho

    24 giorni fa

    Your channel and videos are really cool. You could put in the description of your videos the pieces that you use to assemble your works. I would very much like to try to make one like yours, I live in Brazil and I don't understand electronics very well and if you specified the items for the construction it would help a lot. If I can put the specifications of the items on at least this kart I will be very happy. Thanks.

  24. Gianfranco Franzelli

    Gianfranco Franzelli

    26 giorni fa


  25. Al Bundy

    Al Bundy

    29 giorni fa

    just welding over nice tile floor and tiles of course are ruined .

  26. Yousef Alwan

    Yousef Alwan

    29 giorni fa

    الرجال أن يكون كلام مترجمة بالعربي

  27. Niharika MOURYA

    Niharika MOURYA

    29 giorni fa

    Are belong from India, if no then which country from you belong??🙄 #creativechannel

  28. Nelson Madrid Correa

    Nelson Madrid Correa

    Mese fa

    Genial estimado muy bueno para poder hacer la repica de acuerdo al paso a paso que muestras en el video, pero si me gustaria que me pudieras comentar que tipo de motor, baterias, etc, utilizas. Gracias

  29. Utopian Websurfer

    Utopian Websurfer

    Mese fa

    Kool! Build it into the ultimate gas/electro/pressurized air vehicle with a driving range of at least 500 miles+ that can work off any source of NRG.☺😎😉

  30. Utopian Websurfer

    Utopian Websurfer

    Mese fa

    Kool , but you still need a front & rear roll bar with an overhead crash bar+ a wind shield, + a helmet & Full body armor.+ a bottle can fire extinguisher.☺😎 good luck.

  31. Brayan K47

    Brayan K47

    Mese fa

    Puedes Aser un remolque para una cuatrimoto

  32. Азамат Тұңғышхан

    Азамат Тұңғышхан

    Mese fa

    Nice video keep up the good work

  33. Bang Klang TV

    Bang Klang TV

    Mese fa

    Hello Sir,

  34. Baike Baikenov

    Baike Baikenov

    Mese fa

    great job what battery did you use?

  35. HaND CraFT Chanel

    HaND CraFT Chanel

    Mese fa

    Süper bir paylaşım olmuş ❤️

  36. Michel Lereparateurs

    Michel Lereparateurs

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  37. ช่างสารพัด diy.

    ช่างสารพัด diy.

    Mese fa


  38. Jayadeep Meeniga

    Jayadeep Meeniga

    Mese fa

    can i know what electronics you using and where to get them

  39. Hypervizor


    Mese fa

    change gearing..

  40. Geet Gaya Khathiyavadi ne

    Geet Gaya Khathiyavadi ne

    Mese fa

    Nice vehicle I like it keep making Thanks 😊



    Mese fa

    i love it

  42. Lim Bunny

    Lim Bunny

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  43. AWOL FPV


    Mese fa

    Those welds are some of the worst I’ve ever seen

  44. K2K Moe

    K2K Moe

    Mese fa

    max speed? *

  45. Abdelhak Bennaoui

    Abdelhak Bennaoui

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    J'aime beaucoup beaucoup beaucoup beaucoup



    Mese fa

    هو ممكن اشتريها

  47. Pierangelo _

    Pierangelo _

    Mese fa

    Can you build a Crazy Cart?

  48. Arman Beglaryan

    Arman Beglaryan

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  49. lenny wright

    lenny wright

    Mese fa

    I hope you have good brakes on that death machine..

  50. De Donald Channel

    De Donald Channel

    Mese fa

    What a creativity you have.



    Mese fa

    Speak in hindi

  52. ootero76


    Mese fa

    Nice craftsmanship! Love your shop.

  53. 매그넘


    Mese fa

    Hello, I saw your video well. Could you please tell me what kind of battery it is?

  54. Mayom Ajakmaker

    Mayom Ajakmaker

    Mese fa

    can you make an electric scooter using big electric wheels

  55. Максад Камалов

    Максад Камалов

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  56. kostasstorm


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    What price in sell

  57. What’s


    Mese fa

    Thing is slow af

  58. Grzegorz Matczak

    Grzegorz Matczak

    Mese fa

    Wykorzystaj energię obrotu koła na ładowanie akumulatorów podczas jazdy.

  59. Lee Palmer

    Lee Palmer

    Mese fa

    why so slow

  60. tayeeba Haque

    tayeeba Haque

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    please gift me on of your car big fan

  61. Emmanuel Thommy

    Emmanuel Thommy

    Mese fa

    need to calibrate the speedometer lol.

  62. Kishor Kalsariya

    Kishor Kalsariya

    Mese fa

    Which battery are u using??

  63. Ting Pei Lee

    Ting Pei Lee

    Mese fa

    In next video can you make a engine go-kart pls i very enjoy all of your video's.

  64. Kushal :D

    Kushal :D

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    Sell me this please

  65. Paul Paul

    Paul Paul

    Mese fa

    Cool 🇬🇧

  66. Chhaly Tiv

    Chhaly Tiv

    Mese fa

    how to change sprocket

  67. prasanga dayarathna

    prasanga dayarathna

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  68. dron3


    Mese fa

    The speedometer looks way off

  69. Karl.Car.Tech.Vlog1


    Mese fa

    This looks great.

  70. Di0ndad0n


    Mese fa

    That little welding tool he has, looks well handy😃

  71. Sabrina Sabrina

    Sabrina Sabrina

    Mese fa

    هذا الفديو قديم

  72. Crystal Eksteen

    Crystal Eksteen

    Mese fa

    Next plz build a trophy truck or a ulta 4 race truck

  73. Marco Rodrigues

    Marco Rodrigues

    Mese fa


  74. Andrik_ 16

    Andrik_ 16

    Mese fa

    Quien mas de México🇲🇽?

  75. neti mahmutaj

    neti mahmutaj

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    Max speed ?🤔

  76. Omkar Jadhav

    Omkar Jadhav

    Mese fa

    I just wanna know the total cost

  77. Eren Battal

    Eren Battal

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    Speed test?

  78. Granth Kumar

    Granth Kumar

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    Merry Christmas!🎄🤣

  79. Mevludin Ajradinoski

    Mevludin Ajradinoski

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  80. Data Banks

    Data Banks

    Mese fa

    Personally I'd had fit the gear and brake disc differently - make a slide-on sheath that you can bolt onto the axel in case you ever need to change either of them in the future. Say you want to change the gearing - because you welded a mount on either side of the gear you'd have to cut things off and re-weld after. It's a minor gripe but if I were building my own it's one thing I'd change. Does look fun though. Well built as usual. Lining the battery box wit cardboard is a nice touch - cuts down noise and reduces wear & tear on the batteries. Some of your other projects have given cause for concern when you have the sharp end of screws right next to the batteries. This one is a huge improvement.

  81. Dennis Dangle

    Dennis Dangle

    Mese fa

    I like how your wife comes out every now and then to show you how to do stuff

  82. John derreck Lodor

    John derreck Lodor

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  83. Notarobot


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    hahah it looks like you are about to go out to dinner! Get a welding coat and helmet =)

  84. Joshwayop


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    a little too slow but still cool.

  85. PRINCE Fpv

    PRINCE Fpv

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    so slow need more power haaiiyaa

  86. Ahmed Eskafi

    Ahmed Eskafi

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    can you upload the plan please 😁❤

  87. PRINCE Fpv

    PRINCE Fpv

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    killer build brother , but why not use better parts cheap plastic no good haaiiyaa

  88. The Black Bike

    The Black Bike

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    that a very thick chain for 3kW

  89. Mario Maestas

    Mario Maestas

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    Would you sell it or sell the floor plans to make the car ?

  90. Prence


    Mese fa

    Maybe he could make a solar battery charger for his vehicles since he builds a lot of battery-powered things.

  91. Patrick Baitman

    Patrick Baitman

    Mese fa

    Seems slow af for 3000w.

    • Not Important

      Not Important

      Mese fa

      Should have been 1:1 gearing

  92. Patrik Tőkés

    Patrik Tőkés

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  93. гак стал

    гак стал

    Mese fa

    Hello, author, please tell me, what did you use as a steering rack? Where did you get the brake cylinder? Thank you in advance!

  94. Alekshome3


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    Автомат можно было и закрепить... А так, супер!

  95. Jorge Luis de la Cueva

    Jorge Luis de la Cueva

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  96. Benoit TISSIER

    Benoit TISSIER

    Mese fa

    Wondering about motor assembly : motors are usually designed to transmit torque only, direct chain transmission is very likely to overload the motor bearings.

  97. Zain Jatt

    Zain Jatt

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    I don't know what you speak but love from Pakistan ❤️

    • Tho X. Bui

      Tho X. Bui

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  98. Muhammad Diar Suhendar

    Muhammad Diar Suhendar

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    Test top speed please🙏🙏

  99. Game City

    Game City

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    16:20 what is this music?

  100. Mohammad Azli

    Mohammad Azli

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    Creative I like!

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